Companies that are participating in the Expo, conducting an AMCP-sanctioned Satellite Symposium, Science and Innovation Theater, or Industry Workshop, or sponsoring an event in conjunction with AMCP 2020 are eligible to conduct a hotel door drop to promote your event.

AMCP’s door drop fee is $1,000 for each drop, per day (for example, if you host a door drop on both Wednesday and Thursday, the fee would be $1000 each day for a total of $2000, exclusive of additional fees charged by the hotel). AMCP-contracted hotels will require a copy of an approval memo from AMCP to process arrangements for the door drop.  

Hotel pricing for distribution typically ranges from $1.50-$6.00 per piece/per door. Final cost is determined by the individual hotel property and those billing arrangements must be made directly between the company and the hotel. 

Application Form

Sample of the door drop piece must be sent to Beth O’Brien, Director of Meetings Conventions at, an approval will follow within 48 hours. Contact Julian Greer, Senior Manager, Meetings and Forums at with questions regarding door drops.