The AMCP 2020 pre- and post-conference lists include attendee name, company, title and mailing address.

The pre-conference list, available  starting Wednesday, February 19, contains approximately 2,000 names. The post-conference list contains approximately 4,000 pharmacists and pharmacy professionals who attended AMCP 2020, and gives you the ability to reach your target market by job title, company, or region.

The renting organization must be an official conference participant (exhibitor, sponsor, satellite, theater or industry workshop provider). AMCP corporate members (or their third-party representatives) receive a substantial discount off rental rates. Rental lists are provided for direct mail purposes only; emails and phone numbers are not included.

The list is limited to one-time use and a sample piece must be approved by AMCP in advance. Payments must be received before the list is provided. To order, complete the Request Form and Agreement at the link provided below.

Request Form

Note:   AMCP is the only organization authorized to sell and/or distribute AMCP 2020 attendee data. There are several groups fraudulently claiming to have the official list that have also misrepresented themselves as agents of AMCP. If you are contacted by one of these organizations,  please do not hesitate to contact AMCP. 

Contact Laura Larson, Assistant Director of National Meetings Sales at